Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Statement of the day ...

"While detailed domain expertise is important, it is not the most critical skill set required in the EA team. Far more critical are the skills of the enterprise architect—roles performed by the individuals tasked with contributing the enterprise perspective to architectural directions. These individuals operate higher in the abstraction “stack” and are concerned with how the various piece-parts and building blocks of the enterprise relate to each other in order to fulfill the enterprise strategy. In this role, enterprise architects are typically less concerned with the lower level details. Note the use of the term “role” in the prior sentence. In practice, enterprise architect is one of many roles played by an individual. Individuals may also perform several other roles, perhaps including domain subject matter expert.

The enterprise architect role requires individuals to understand the business of the enterprise and to interpret its strategy. They must appreciate innovation and be able to embrace a vision for how the business responds to external trends, while pursuing growth, cost-savings, customer satisfaction, efficiency or any mix of strategic objectives. Most importantly, they must be able to interpret the implications of those strategic directions. The implications become the guiding directives for all subsequent decisions. With this knowledge, they must be able to drive the enterprise in new directions, perhaps change the way decisions are made and modify the way the enterprise operates. In other words, they need to lead.
Taken from "Building & Managing the Virtual EA Team" By George S. Paras

I wonder, where are the companies (and recruitment managers) that follow these principle in their vision of Architecture ?!

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Anonymous said...

I dont know where those companies might be ... but at least i can tell you is not here on the Happy Place that i spen 5 days a week trying to kill myself in any possible way.