Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The case for yet another ID system

What is going on ? There are plenty of "open" "decentralized" "single sign on/authentication/trust" frameworks already ... Wouldn't it be better to choose ONE and support it ? There is a case for a generic "open identification" system but as far as I can see, OpenID, Shibboleth and Higgins are kind of implementing the same pattern, just with different technologies. Phil Becker makes an interesting statement in his article, but I don't know where is the proof that "OpenID has a much lighter cost structure than any alternative."

From what I've seen on their websites, Shibboleth is the one with the most advance in terms of trials, wouldn't it be a better investment to support it rather than to create competing frameworks ?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where in the world ...

OK ... the change of job has happened :) Now from working in the middle of nowhere in the South East of the UK, I am working in the middle of nowhere in the centre of the Netherlands -.

The job so far is OK and the commuting remained the same (3 minutes door to door), the only pain is the flights to come-and-go - all packed both ways so far !