Monday, November 13, 2006

GRRR ! What is an architect ?

I am having so much fun with the different definitions of an "architect" in the market !!! Seems that the definition goes from being a very senior java developer (just see Sun's and BEA's certifications) all the way down to Enterprise Architects with all the methodologies in the market!

Come on !! You don't call the guy that design the electrical system in a building the "architect" - you call them "electrical engineers" ! the guy that plugs it ALL together and helps deliver in a timely fashion IS the architect!

Having lots of knowledge about the specifics of a technology is great, but that doesn't give you neither the understanding of how to apply it appropriately in a project, doesn't give understanding of how the solution plugs with the rest of the enterprise, and doesn't give the visibility of how it will run once deployed.

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